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    ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent 3.4.1

    This is maintenance release 3.4.1 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent.

    Release Notes :

    Solved Bugs

    • Missing entries for componentname and class caused myesb-mail-consumer to fail.
    • myesb-channel-proxy-consumer-reliable had no (visible?)LifeCycle interface. Therefore the component could not be started or stopped by the agent.
    • Regex, JSONPath and XPath splitter did not copy ConnectMessage headers to split messages.
    • Http Outbound problem with Accept-Charset fixed.
    • Heartbeats where no longer send to myesb-control.
    • Fixed bug in Loggerservice en support voor :headers[] syntax
    • logfile in deploy somethimes contained lots of 0's. Fixed
    • New deploy-adapter 3.4.7.
      • A resource: in a dynamic property was not replaced with classpath:/META-INF/resources/ during deployment fase.
      • Implemented cache for ConnectplazaBundle class. Speed improvement.
      • Removed wiretaps and made backendchannel concurrent. Speed improvement.
      • Solved backward-compatibility issues.
    • New analyze adapter 3.4.1


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