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    Login management

    At login management you can add or modify your security. Press the  button at the top right on the Analyze frontend. A popup menu will open. You can choose the option Login management.

    You see 2 sections on this screen. A section with the name Logins and a section with the name Groups

    Logins (Users)

    You can add and modify users. in this section. Add a user by clicking on the  button, next to the Logins text. The next screen will open for you: 

    Just put credentials in the fields and press . If the  button is grayed out, you problably have to put more characters in your password field. 

    Now we have created a new user, we have to modify it. Double click on the user to open the next screen:

    Select the group the user need rights for. There is some legacy from the past here, so the only groups that really do something are:

    • Administrators (can do anything)
    • Analyzeuser (only analyze view rights)

    If you want to change the user's password, you can do that here. Press save to save the selection. 


    If you double click a group you can see the roles of this group. If you are a member of more than one group as a user, the roles will be accumulated. 

    By default the following groups will be available to you:

    Group Description
    administrators Administrators, these users may access anything in the system. The default user (admin) is part of this group.
    analyzeusers The users belonging to this group may access ConnectPlaza Analyze
    controlusers The users belonging to this group may access ConnectPlaza Control
    developer Deprecated
    partner  Deprecated
    enterprise Deprecated


    The following roles are available to you: 

    Role Description


    User can change passwords


    User can access ConnectPlaza Control


    User can access all Business Entities




    User can change the system configurations




    User can access User management


    User is an ADMINISTRATOR




    User can access Analyze




    Select the roles you want for the selected group and press  .

    Adding a group 

    You can add a group by pressing the  button behind the Groups header. The following screen will appear:

    Fill in the name of the group and press  to create the group. Double click on the group name and add the roles for this group. 

    Removing a group

    To remove a group, double click on the groups name. Select the  at the top right corner of the screen. The group will be removed. 


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