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    The Products page gives you information about what ConnectPlaza is. You can find short texts about our products and what type of technologies we have used to build these applications.


    The EDI page gives you information about our EDI futureproof toolbox and ConnectPlaza's EDI solution


    If you press the Pricing button, you will be redirected to an overview of our pricing model. at the bottom and at the top you find the buttons to get a trial and get information about our Enterprise or Partner editions.


    On this page you can select what type of documentation you want to see.

    You can select:

    • Reference guide
      All the How to information about our products, targeted at administrators and sales departments.
    • Technical information
      Information about how to install our products Analyze and the ConnectAgent and the use of our connectors, targeted at system administrators and developers.
    • Tutorials
      Here you will find videos and written tutorials about our product. This will give you a clear overview about what our product can do for you.


    If you need any training for any of our products, check out our Trainig information page. There are several cources available. Contact our sales department or your accountmanager to setup the best training for you.


     On this page you will find our contact information:

    If you want to visit up, you can click on the charts button for Directions: . You will be redirected to Google Maps where you can plan your trip to our office.


    Here you can login into the ConnectPlaza Dashboard. 

    Legal / Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy / Cookies

    The links in the footer of the documents are mostly about the legal issues and how we implement the rules of law within our product. Just click on one of the links to get the apropriate information.



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