Installing MongoDB on Windows

Installing MongoDB on Windows


We use MongoDB for Analyze in a very simple way. Because MongoDB has a lot of options and is very capable of supporting very large databases we cannot describe any form of installation. So for this Analyze installation we use the most basic installation of MongoDB.


To install MongoDB on Windows follow the instructions below:

  • Download the Windows installation file for MongoDB via the following URL:
  • Install the database. For instance in a directory E:\MongoDB
  • Go to the directory E:\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin
  • Start the Mongo Deamon via a command box or via a double click on the file mongod.exe. The next screen will now open:
  • MongoDB is now started

You can use the screen above to test your connections and check if Analyze connects to this database daemon. But for production purposes it is prefered to start MongoDB as a services on your windows machine. Enter the following command in a command-box to archieve this.

mongod --install --logpath E:\data\db\mongodb.log

Uninstall your MongoDB

To remove your MongoDB Installation, follow the instructions.

  • Remove the service
    mongod --uninstall 
  • Uninstall the MongoDB installtion via the normal uninstall program of the Windows OS