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ConnectPlaza is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) which enables companies to develop, execute and monitor information flows information flows. Connect to any application, integrate with anything and deploy anywhere.


We offer a one month free trial.
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Advanced integration, deployment and monitoring features to unlimited datasources (on-premises, cloud and/or hybrid) to support large enterprise needs.
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For Independed Software Vendors (ISV's) looking to fully integrate datasources and apps (on-premise, cloud and/or hybrid) and deploy from their source app to anything and anywhere.
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Terms, conditions and usage
Yearly subscription fee / 2018 N/A € 4.075,00 * € 4.075,00 *
Online knowledge base
Service packs & hot patches
New releases
Minimum subscription term N/A 12 Months 12 Months
# Users included 1 1 1
# Agents included
(not applicable for deployment purposes)
1 1
Connectivity features
Flexible options to connect however many flows you can build and deploy
Support for (and bridging between) a variety of protocols and data/message delivery styles
Adapters for cloud-based and on-premises applications, data sources and technology adapters such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), HTTP, Java Message Service (JMS), and others
Exception handling, Validation, Error Handling
Message Queuing
Webservice publishing, SOAP & Rest.
Powerful and agile out-of-the-box; building blocks and reusable connectors for virtually all interoperable protocols and commercial applications
On-premises software agents to enable secure communication between on-premises systems and the iPaaS environment. Platform in depended run-time agents manages security, scalability and agility.
Data/message mapping and transformation
Routing and orchestration via integration patterns (Routers, Filters, Gateways etc)
Support for variety of scripting languages
Integration flow development, life cycle & certificate management
Reusable integration templates available based on reusability principle (aggregators, synchronous messaging, database integration etc)
Configurable integration building blocks, Supports huge number of connectivity protocols
Deployment features
Cloud based deployment
Governance (Agent management, logging, updates, certificates)
Versioning & Software provision
Monitoring features
ConnectPlaza Analyze
ConnectPlaza Control
Product support
Product support (Product related error(s) only)
Product support response N/A 3 working days 2 working days
Product support during business hours N/A
Additional required products
Additional (named) user +1
(Partner or Enterprise)
€ 1.015,00 * € 1.015,00 *
Enterprise agent (20)
(Max. 20 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 2.745,00 *
Enterprise agent (80)
(Max. 80 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 8.350,00 *
Large File Enterprise agent (20)
(Max. 30GB, Max. 20 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 2.745,00 *
Partner agent (80)
(Max. 80 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 8.350,00 *
Partner agent (20)
(Max. 20 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 1.325,00 *
Partner agent (5)
(Max. 5 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 566,00 *
Large File Partner agent (20)
(Max. 30GB, Max. 20 flows per agent - p/yr)
€ 2.745,00 *
ConnectPlaza integration for Altova Mapforce
per user p/yr
€ 415,00 * € 415,00 *
ConnectPlaza integration for Progress OpenEdge
per user p/yr
€ 415,00 * € 415,00 *
ConnectPlaza Analyze Enterprise
per user p/yr
€ 2.035,00 *
ConnectPlaza Control Enterprise - Cloud Access
per user p/yr
€ 2.445,00 *
ConnectPlaza Analyze Partner
per user p/yr
€ 415,00 *
ConnectPlaza Control Partner
per user p/yr
€ 415,00 *


* Minimum list price per year (Depending on environment) and all prices are ex. VAT


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