Installation information updated agents 3.4.x to 3.5.x

New property file for your ConnectAgent

When upgrading an older ConnectAgent 3.4.x to a new ConnectAgent 3.5.x there will be a change in the way the agent works. With the new ConnectAgent the inside YAJSW Wrapper is not needed anymore and will be phased out. When you download a new ConnectAgent this <ConnectPlaza install directory>/yajsw directory will not exist. The upgraded ConnectAgents still have this directory, because the software makes use of the configuration file <ConnectPlaza install directory/yajsw/conf/wrapper.conf file. This file may, of may not, contain some settings needed to start the java application. Like memory settings, for instance.

How to phase out your YAJSW Wrapper in your upgraded ConnectAgent.

The wrapper we use is placed in the directory <ConnectPlaza install directory>/yajsw. Within the config directory you will find a wrapper.conf file. This file is the reason this wrapper exists. This file, if available, will be used to start your ConnectAgent. This file contains your JVM settings. In the new environment, we use the <ConnectPlaza install directory>/conf/ file.

Phase out process

  • rename the conf/connectplaza-jvm-process.properties_ to
    Now the agent will after a restart use the instead of the yajsw/conf/wrapper.conf.
  • migrate before restarting the ConnectAgent the values of the wrapper.conf file to the file. These are the values to look for:
    •<n> = Xmx properties   
    • connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.<name> = name
    • restart the ConnectAgent.

Now the new configuration will be used. To check this you will see the next message in your wrapper-updater.log:

19-07-25 14:20:21|INFO|Using new

If you are still using the old wrapper.conf, you will see the next message in your wrapper-updater.log:

19-07-25 14:00:50|INFO|Using old yajsw wrapper.conf 

If you have started the ConnectAgent with the new properties file, you can remove the <ConnectPlaza install directory>/yajsw directory.