Our definition of Flow

A flow is a unidirectional data transaction between two data sources, applications and/or processes. A flow consists of a singular unique 'consumer' component (to access data) , a singular unique 'producer' component (to send out data) and several 'service' components to transform, validate, orchestrate and manipulate the data during the flow's course of transaction.

Each flow contains the power to integrate your environment a little more, whether it is connecting local apps to new services like Salesforce or Amazon or exposing legacy data on-premises systems using REST or Webservices or enabling external parties to connect to your Cloud or On-premises apps.

Flow Definition

Our definition of an Interface

When you combine several flows together you can form an interface.

An interface is essentially a collection of relevant flows that are part of a business driver for your integration landscape. Interfaces are manageable components and can be delivered into runtime at any moment by performing a deployment to your ConnectPlaza® agent.

Each interface becomes a deployable unit, and it allows for modular deployment which means that it reduces the risk of downtime and the costs that are attachted to it.