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'Use Cases' you may encounter  

Robust integration between e-commerce and applications is something that drives the e-commerce market. Connections between the storefront and back-office applications such as inventory, order management, financials, CRM, payments and devices are what makes the business effective.

Create low-code integration to quickly build a flawless experience for running real-time inventory, order processing and fulfillment, and delivering instant status alerts. E-commerce solutions can't operate if they are isolated on an island. Companies that strive to have a superior omnichannel strategy for an excellent customer experience, need real-time interaction with mobile apps and other devices.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Nowadays companies are exploring all kinds of ways to inject data from devices and things into their ERP systems, to drive business improvements and gain operational excellence. Analyze your assets and leverage uptime while lowering maintenance costs with the right data.

ConnectPlaza® supports connecting IoT data with a system of records applications or other devices. The ConnectPlaza® agent our run-time engine easily connects device data, whether your system or platform resides on-premise or in the cloud.

Operational excellence is an important strategy for organizations to improve or redesign their business processes.

In order to improve operational excellence you are depended on data and the ability to access them and sorting them into usable reference silos. The next step is to define an architecture to access this data for mobile use.

Operational Excellence

Move to the Cloud

Cloud applications are extremely on the rise, as companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits cloud computing can have in terms of attracting new customers and profitability.

Be aware that existing interfaces should be decoupled and rebuilt in a new interface. It is not only an IT infrastructure focus if you move your application to the cloud. With the right integration tool and API's you will improve speed, enhance user experience, and reduce costs. Cloud applications experience increased traffic and it's becoming difficult to connect and deploy on the fly to meet the increasing data connectivity demands. 

Modernization is not only replacing inflexible and outdated on-premises legacy systems with more flexible user-friendly cloud applications. For others, it means introducing interoperability between business applications. No longer tightly coupled interfaces. 

Regardless of what type of technology you chose or what business goals you consider, integration makes modernization work. Modernization cannot happen if applications exist in silos, leaving data fragmented across the enterprise. Embed integration as a strategic centerpiece of application modernization and this will open up new opportunities for growth and continuity.

Application Modernization

Salesforce Integration

Happy customers are loyal customers and they also offer good word of mouth advertising, which can be invaluable. Making customer satisfaction the primary goal is the surest way to improve your bottom line.

This can be achieved by unlocking a CRM such as Salesforce. You need to share the Salesforce data with all of the target applications and systems, both in the cloud and on-site. CRM integration is challenging if you don't know exactly what you're getting into.

But it can be an enormously valuable project if you start programming interfaces. In many occasions you see Salesforce business logic embedded in the integration layer. You can avoid this with the use of ConnectPlaza®.