Enterprise Edition

The ConnectPlaza® Enterprise Edition is designed for Enterprises with diverse connectivity requirements in their application landscape.

Business analysts can create and deploy integration functionality between all types of applications, datasources, SaaS/Cloud technologies ect. (Many-to-Many).

Partner Edition

The ConnectPlaza® Partner Edition is designed for Independed Software Vendors (ISVs) who need to create and develop integration functionality between the ISV application (source app) and several other applications (target apps),  SaaS/Cloud technologies ect. (One-to-Many).

ConnectPlaza® Agent

A ConnectPlaza® agent license can only be purchased if either an Enterprise Edition or a Partner Edition has already been activated. It is not limited to any environment and can freely be deployed to any on-premise, Cloud and/or Hybrid environment.

All Agents are licensed to run a maximum number of flows. For example:

The 20 (twenty) Flow Agent license, allows 1 (one) installed instance of the Agent with up to a maximum of 20 registered flows.

Each ConnectPlaza® agent can run up to a maximum of 80 (eighty) flows on a single agent license. To deploy more flows, additional agent licenses need to be purchased. 

What is a Flow? 

A flow is a unidirectional data transaction between two data sources, applications and/or processes. A Flow consists of a singular unique 'consumer' component (to access data) , a singular unique 'producer' component (to send out data) and several 'service' components to transform, validate, orchestrate and manipulate the data during the flow's course of transaction.