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"We've been able to decrease the time to create and implement a well definied interface with more than 200%"


Dominique Demeyer - Business Development Manager - Infomat BvBa
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We all know that attracting new clients is exciting, it takes a lot of credibility for a long-lasting client relationship. ISVs and  SaaS  providers thrive to build strong reputations and engaging with new customers should be a primary focus for you.

At ConnectPlaza® we offer you a carefully crafted onboarding experience by helping you unlock valuable data from all types of datasources and 'preserve' your ongoing SaaS revenue seamlessly with our strong deployment functionality.

Becoming a Partner of ConnectPlaza®

The first step in establishing a successful partner relationship is for both parties to understand each others organization, products and services offered, markets covered and business plans for the future. 

ConnectPlaza® strives to grow and empower relationships with partners and expand their value proposition with a digital experience to their customers. Our partners share our passion for quality, customer success and industry disruption.

They pursue business relationships with ConnectPlaza® because they trust in our ability to help them be successful digital leaders in their domain.

Why Partner with us? 

'Partner first' strategy

At ConnectPlaza® we recognize that we alone cannot provide the complete solution for every one of our customers everywhere in the world.

Our partner-first strategy approach means that partners have their own resources in place to implement ConnectPlaza® solutions faster and deliver disruptive value proposition.

To meet the needs of our customers and our own ambitious growth plans, ConnectPlaza® recognizes the value that our partners bring to us in extending our reach to potential customers and to our target markets.

Start aligning your integration requirements today

Experience the impact of ConnectPlaza® on your integration goals in a 20 minutes demo.

Our Partner program benefits

  • Assisted sales training
  • Access to ConnectPlaza® dedicated partner documentation
  • Hands-on and/or remote technical training 
  • ConnectPlaza® technical support hotline
  • Access to a dedicated Partner Manager
  • Access to Technnical materials

Partner Program