Our Story

In 2009 Paul Lange and Wilco van Vliet set the goal to build a powerful Connectivity tool that would bring a disruptive change in the integration development and deployment cycle for Independed Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises.

The concept

Our journey

Our journey began when Paul and Wilco were brainstorming about connectivity frustrations at some of the companies they knew extensively. All these connectivity projects exceeded budgets and required too much skilled programmers without building in-house expertise at the customer site.

At that time, there were no big innovations in the area of no code connectivity tools. Paul and Wilco did their research and became passionate about building a Connectivity Platform that would rapidly build integration functionality and intuitively through visual modeling; a 100% development cloud, supporting serveral deployment models and utilized by a flexible web builder. And of course all with a 'no-code' principle.

Everyone thought they were out of our minds to start a company in the middle of the economic crisis of 2009. But it is amazing to see how Connectivity Challenges have grown since then, and we can all be proud of how ConnectPlaza® established a 'name' in the integration software industry.

As a result of this ongoing demand, ConnectPlaza® is achieving international growth. We are facilitating many industry leading companies in their journey to empower 'in-house' expertise and extend the application lifecycle by unlocking valuable data with an API enablement 'first' strategy.

Taking chances

Where are we now

Our engineers have programmed the technical integration foundation and platform. The only thing that our customers have to do is configure the building blocks with the underlaying ConnectPlaza® code with a stunning visual web UI.