Building Blocks

With ConnectPlaza® Studio you can directly configure integration flows in our cloud based toolset. No need for local installation of software to start building flows, all you need is a browser.

Additionally, whenever we improve on our products and deliver new functionality, you can do this directly from the cloud and you have instantaneous access to all of our updates and new building blocks.

Configure your integration flow in the cloud?

The power of ConnectPlaza® Studio is all about ease of use. In the proces of creating an interface you select the right Building Blocks and configure them. These building blocks are the foundation on which we have built our product and contain all the functionality you need to fulfill your integration needs.

Each block represents a specific functionality that we offer from our library. From connectivity components to handle protocols such as File, FTP, TCP or HTTP to data transformers, validators, database and appserver integrators, webservice and REST connectors and many other functions that are needed when building integration flows.

Let's talk about standard building blocks

ConnectPlaza® Studio has over 150+ unique building blocks available. These building blocks will help you in connecting to virtually any application, data source or protocol possible, wether these are Cloud, SaaS or on-premise. We have three types of building blocks available. The combination of a Consumer, one or more Services and a Producer is called a "Flow".

Technical protocol blocks to support connectivity to receive data through a variety of industry standards such as File based, (s)FTP(s), HTTP(s), REST, Webservice, IoT, AMQP or TCP. These blocks will turn your flow into a connector that can directly integrate with any application conceivable.

These blocks will help you convert, enrich, validate, transform, route or modify any kind of data received through your consumer component. Consider the possibilities: convert from XML to JSON or any other kind of text-based format, convert binary streams, split data into several parts or combine them back together, call out to other systems or databases, and perform all these actions fast and reliably.

As antagonists of the consumer components these blocks will asynchronously deliver data. After processing or whenever you need to fire-and-forget information to the outside world, producers are perfect for sending email, uploading data to FTP or Webservers or sending messages across to message brokers.

Simple, because they are completely 'out of the box' and it saves you so much time! You do not need not worry about technical details, specification or any coding to use these blocks. It's a very agile proces which you control and validate.

Each block is well documented and is provided with examples of use, so these blocks take away the technical complexity of dealing with integration.

Why standard building blocks?