How ConnectPlaza® works

We often hear: How can we become senior connectivity experts and build our own interfaces without writing a single line of code? The answer is quite simple:

"The ConnectPlaza® guys and programmers write and design the Prefab Integration building blocks that make the ConnectPlaza® foundation and platform work. Essentially, when you Drag and Drop and Configure with the ConnectPlaza® Studio you are building with the underlaying ConnectPlaza® code, it's just embedded in the Platform (so you don't have to do it!)."


Nick Andriesse - Founder Colect
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What kinds of Connectivity can you build?

We provide 150+ standard building blocks that supports non-standard connectivity requirements. Whether you configure a Salesforce interface or you need to build a non-standard interface for a monolithic ERP system. With our standard building block components you can pull, expose and sync data from all of your systems.