ConnectPlaza® Studio

"ConnectPlaza® offers 100% connectivity to the Progress® Appserver®"


Mike Liewehr - Founder Akioma Software - Germany

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Constructor is one of a the four products of ConnectPlaza® Studio to create and distribute 'Non standard' Connectivity' with simple mouse-click configuration.

The constructor (development environment) is designed to simplify integration and help you to build all the functionality you need, from a drag-and-drop standpoint. Essentially everyone can use Constructor, since there is no coding required to use our standard building blocks and our Out-of-the-Box components.

The constructor is created in such a way that everyone, even if they have no experience in integration, can connect their data! ConnectPlaza® allows all types of integration combinations: Cloud, SaaS or On-Premise applications. We offer your workforce a complete integration lifecycle from construction to deployment. 


Deploy is where you perform a one-click-deployment of all your flows to your runtime environment. We employ unique technology that allows our customers to deploy their integration solution anywhere they could ever want and control their deployment directly from the cloud. The ConnectPlaza® agent is flexible and lightweight and can be installed virtually anywhere.

Through a special and secure connection these Agents can be controlled remotely and deployment is managed from the cloud, avoiding the need for direct access to hosting platforms and performing technical operations to make things work correctly. So once you build something, you can deploy it anywhere.


With Control we deliver technical monitoring capabilities for your complete ConnectPlaza® run-time environment. Pro-active support is possible by checking metrics and notifications of the Agent. You can set thresholds on queue sizes, number of messages per component, etc. When installed a default configuration based on your environment is created. You can modify these settings, like alerting, message notification, error handling, events, latency, etc. in the Control environment in ConnectPlaza® Studio.


Through our Analyze module we allow customers to safely review all tracked and traced messages that have been handled by the ConnectPlaza® agent. This allows you to find your data, be in control of all transactions and audit any trail that takes place in your integrated organization. By using our powerful business entities rules engine, you can instruct Analyze to inspect and identify key and critical data in your environment allowing you to recover data by simply entering a customer name, order number or invoice date. And, perhaps most importantly, none of your data will be stored anywhere in the iPaaS Cloud, making our product and your environment GDPR compliant.