"Superior 'no code' connectivity Platform with prefab integration building blocks"


Mike Liewehr - Founder - AKIOMA Software AG 

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We have a strong focus on Independed Software Vendors (ISV) and Enterprise companies.

We help businesses of any size efficiently and make them connect everything and engage everywhere across any channel, device or platform to any cloud or on-premise app.

We utilize ISVs with a superior flexible API & Connectivity layer. ISVs remain  dominant in their industry and we provide an iPaaS - especially for them -  to 'onboard' new end-users quickly in order to preserve their ongoing SaaS revenue.

We accelerate Enterprises unlock and distribute valuable data from all types of legacy systems, data sources and mobile devices and utilize your workforce with a 'easy to use' integration platform. All enterprises who rely on ConnectPlaza®, create and deploy everything themselves. Inhouse staff quickly creates flexibel API's and integrations without external system intergrators or in-depth external knowledge. 

Strong ISV and Enterprise focus

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a super-high-productive No code - No consultancy integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for ISVs and Enterprises.

The idea behind ConnectPlaza® Studio is to eliminate the complexity of integration and introduce a integration platform for everyone. You just configure your flows and interfaces without programming.  The standard information and communication capabilities of many applications, are often limited, inflexible and, as a result, not designed to connect with a variety of other applications. 

Businesses of any kind speak out that our technology performs much beter than other platforms and the investment is substantially less expensive. 

ConnectPlaza® offers ISVs and Enterprises all types of Integration components 'out-of-the-box' without the need of having technical programming skills and/or external consultants in your organization. 

Within only three steps we empower businesses to sync, retrieve and publish valuable data from all types of applications: legacy IT software, cloud apps, mobile devices.

ConnectPlaza® is a fully featured 'self supporting and no code' iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). Self supporting, because you can really do it yourself. No code means you do not need senior developers or external integration consultants. 

Our iPaaS is a scalable, high performing, enterprise grade platform with advanced monitoring tools and excellent technical support. 

Three Steps to create your integration