In our office you will find the informal atmosphere you would expect from a modern ‘tech company’.  

The sense of purpose, the feeling that you’re a part of something exciting and design 'the-best-in-class' connectivity product in our market. In our office we have an equal voice in the workplace on a day-to-day basis and we do not feel like a cog in the system, but rather a team of relative equals working towards a common goal. The goal of building a 'No coding - No consultancy' iPaaS

We’re based in one of the oldest streets in the center of Dordrecht between canals, restaurants and cafes right around the corner. Many of us enjoys lunch ‘In-and-Out’ the office and once a week we’ll crack open the latest new beers, play the piano and chill in our own company loungebar to talk about the latest tech and geek stuff.

Company culture

Skills and Experience

Our team consist of a skilled and experienced workforce, all striving to accelerate companies with integration challenges. Make ideas become reality is what we want.

Our team is still small, so feedback in our company matters. Good ideas can be turned into new products & new features.

Feel free to contact us..

At ConnectPlaza™, friendship pays off! Since the start our team is consistant and we are commited to build the best platform in the world.

The 'Do it yourself principle' is a core part of our DNA.

We live in a world where you want to strive for independency and self service. With this principle we  connect with our communities and help them drive business with tooling that gives our customers freedom and ownership.

By creating your future, you are an active player in the events as they unfold. By knowing what you want, and what you are willing to do to get there, you can help to shape what the future holds. 

Do It Yourself principle