"We build the integration platform, you can configure interfaces with our standard Building Blocks"

ConnectPlaza Product Management


ConnectPlaza® is an integration platform built on the open source 'Spring integration framework'. We combine the power of Java Spring with the simplicity of ConnectPlaza® Studio to configure & design interfaces, for easy deployment and monitoring multiple systems using an intuitive and uniform graphical interface.

The idea behind ConnectPlaza® Studio is to eliminate the complexity of integration and the flexibility to deploy anywhere within three mouse-clicks. We introduce an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for you without the need for programming skills. By introducing standard building blocks, our iPaaS offers a 'No-Coding - No Consulting' environment for ISVs and Enterprises.  

ConnectPlaza Overview

With ConnectPlaza® Studio you can build your own interfaces and/or API's. Each interface consists of message flows. Each flow contains the following components: consumers, producers and services. Interfaces can easyly be configured with the help of our extensive library of standard building blocks. 

Build your own Interfaces and API's

Our Passion

Our passion is to make integration simple, effective and accessible for everyone, both technical and non-technical.

We have foreseen the need for a cloud driven integration platform that has all the technical chops to leverage the power needed to drive all kinds of organizations forward.

The ConnectPlaza® Connect agent is the heart and brains of our software. The agent is the core of all running interfaces and connectors built with ConnectPlaza®. The agent runs on any platform, just requiring one thing, an installation of Java, since it is all Java based technology.

We decided to go with a homebrewed integration platform, since we had a clear picture of our technology in mind. We wanted a flexible, scalable yet lightweight and versatile platform based on the Spring integration Platform. Where others iPaaS players decided to go with Tomcat and/or any other J2EE platform, we decided to build our own.

It provided us with all the control we needed to deliver the best possible performance we could wish for and helps our customers to get the most out of our platform. Our software runs on all available platforms such as Windows and Linux based (Virtual) servers as well as Amazon Cloud or other hosting platforms. The Connect agent contains all technological components to run all your interfaces concurrently and reliable. It is easy to install and manage from the cloud.

Our philosophy

Standard building blocks 

ConnectPlaza® Studio has over 150+ standard building blocks in place to help you  'unlock' and distribute data from your application. These building blocks will help you connect to virtually any application, data source or protocol possible, even if these are located in the Cloud, on-premise, or both.

For more information check out our standard 'Building Blocks'.

We employ a unique technology that allows you to deploy your integration solution anywhere you could ever want and allows you to control your deployments directly from the cloud.

The ConnectPlaza® agent is flexible and lightweight and can be installed virtually anywhere. Through a reliable and secure connection these Agents can be controlled remotely and deployment is managed from the cloud, avoiding the need for direct access to hosting platforms.

One Click Deployment

See ConnectPlaza in action

Be sure to go and try our ConnectPlaza® Community Edition today!

It is the best way to get acquainted with our software, methodology and tool sets. To help you get started on working with ConnectPlaza® Studio and building your first integration flows, be sure to check out our tutorials page.
Here you will be able to find all kinds of helpful tutorial videos to help get you started.

Governance & GDPR compliancy

Through our Analyze module we allow customers to safely review all tracked and traced messages that have been handled by the ConnectPlaza® agent.

This allows you to find your data, be in control of all transactions and audit any trail that takes place in your integrated organization. By using our powerful business entities rules engine, you can instruct Analyze to inspect and identify key and critical data in your environment allowing you to recover data by simply entering a customer name, order number or invoice date.

And, perhaps most importantly, none of your data will be stored anywhere in the iPaaS Cloud, making our product GDPR compliant.