Become a connectivity hero

We are here to give you some good news!

With the growing demand of connectivity and integration needs we decided to build a 'No-Code - No Consultancy' iPaaS for the 'non-tech workforce' for any type of company.

Many vendors in this industry claim to have a 'No Code' Platform, but we think that these platforms still require in-depth consultancy and programming skills to develop and implement integration solutions.

After pitching all their features and during the closure of the contract these iPaaS vendors introduce a 'preferred system integrator' to build the 'tailor-made' integration solution. Or... the iPaaS vendor themselves acts as system integrator.

The lack of skilled programmers is causing - in many occasions - a delay of implementing the integration solution and expensive external resources increase the total cost of the solution.

Create your own connectivity solutions

With ConnectPlaza® Studio it has never been easier for business users to create their own connectivity solutions and meet all your organizational goals and timelines.

We have programmed the integration platform for you upfront and took all the complexity and programming away. The only thing that you have to do is configure the standard building blocks with the underlaying ConnectPlaza® code which can be done with a cool visual Web UI.

Watch the tutorials and get started with ConnectPlaza®