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We offer out-of-the-box integration functionality for
ISV’s and End-users to simplify application connectivity
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Less is More

"Our goal is to minimize expensive consultancy, enhance in-house expertise and accelerate integration development. ConnectPlaza™ allows any integration combination—with no appliances, no software and no coding"


Connect Apps Faster

We facilitate a platform where you can easily configure and assemble your monitored interfaces. Using familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop features to easily add new integrations. Just change or delete outdated integrations.


100 % Development Cloud

ConnectPlaza manages, updates and maintains your integration development and prefab adapters for a yearly subscription. All development is done in the cloud. Integrate with anything, deploy anywhere and monitor mission-critical messaging.


Platform Security Certifications

ConnectPlaza is protected by comprehensive security measures. These include keeping the platform protected with the latest security and resilience patches.


Our ISV’s focus

We help ISV’s to accelerate with connectivity needs. We focus on your core application and make it ready for integration enablement. Our goal is:

  • Minimize the cost of integration work for you and your end-users;
  • Accelerate and re-use integrations/deployments;
  • Reduce developer costs;
  • Reduce Time-to-market;
  • Increase your net margins;



Some of our Partners and Customers


            Fidin                        Irado            Kewill            Yaya            Reflecta            RWG            Van Meijel            New Health Collective            Merial            MSD                                                                                                                                                                    

What do our customers say about us?

ConnectPlaza is a powerful connectivity solution that’s easy to implement, allowing us to quickly connect our customers’ back-office systems to our B2B offerings. 

ConnectPlaza accelerates all EDI implementations and gives your company not only the right EDI tools, but the foundation for the integration requirement. ConnectPlaza is the platform were EDI and Integration strategy become one - The EDI IPAAS solution!
Rob Craye – EdiSpecs

We know ConnectPlaza as a reliable partner with a high-performing and very user-friendly integration cloud platform.
Gert Verheyen – Organi BVBA


We have simplified our software into two editions

Enterprise Edition

The ConnectPlaza™ - Enterprise Edition (development and deployment by the end user) is required if the end user needs integration functionality between all of its applications



Partner Edition

The ConnectPlaza™ - Partner Edition license (development) is required for Application Partners / ISV's to develop integration functionality between the partner application (source app) and non-partner applications (target apps).

Pricing *

* All subscriptions require an annual contract. Prices are in EURO. For run-time purposes a minium of one run-time agent is required.

 Enterprise / Partner Edition License:

* Minimum list price based on one developer.
  Ex. VAT price per month (yearly invoiced).

After 12 months, we'll renew your contract automatically unless you cancel your subscription. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.

We offer different types of agents:

* Prices may vary depending on type of agents.
  Ex. VAT price per month (yearly invoiced).

After 12 months, we'll renew your contract automatically unless you cancel your subscription. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.
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31 day trial



Reference guide

Everything you need to know about working with ConnectPlaza, from logging in to the difference between our license models.
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Technical Documentation

Technical documentation of all our products, ranging from install and use guides to the specifications of all components in ConnectPlaza.
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Working with ConnectPlaza is easy! Get started now with one of our tutorials!
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