ConnectPlaza® Studio eliminates the complexity of integration and the flexibility to deploy anywhere.
We introduce a self service iPaaS without the need for programming skills.
Our iPaaS offers a 'No-Coding - No Consulting' environment for ISVs and Enterprises.

Community Edition

We offer this for Free.


Advanced integration, deployment and monitoring features to unlimited datasources (on-premises, cloud and/or hybrid) to support Enterprise needs.


For Independed Software Vendors (ISVs) looking to fully integrate datasources and apps (on-premise, cloud and/or hybrid) and deploy rapidly from their source app to anything and anywhere.

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Minimum subscription term N/A 12 Months 12 Months
# Named Users included 1 1 1
# Connect Agents included
1 1 (for test purposes only)
# Flows per Agent
3 20, 80 5, 20, 80
Product Support
Product support (Product related error(s) only)
Extended support N/A Available Available
Product support during business hours N/A
ConnectPlaza® Studio
Flexible options to connect however many flows you can build and deploy
Support for (and bridging between) a variety of protocols and data/message delivery styles such as XML, JSON and various Flat Text formats.
Standard Building blocks for cloud-based and on-premises applications, data sources and technology adapters such as Database Connectivity (JDBC), HTTP(s), Java Message Service (JMS) and others
Support for managed file transfer types such as File, Email and (S)FTP(S) based on both polling and scheduling.
Exception handling, validation, error handling
Reliable message queuing support between endpoints supporting Pub/Sub and Point-to-point.
API and Webservice publishing, SOAP & Rest.
Powerful and agile out-of-the-box; building blocks and reusable connectors for virtually all interoperable protocols and commercial applications
On-premises software agent to enable secure communication between on-premises systems and the iPaaS environment. Platform independ run-time agents manages security, scalability and agility.
Data/message mapping and transformation, conversion and aggregation between different data formats and standards including international business standards such as EDIFACT, HL7 etc.
Routing and orchestration via integration patterns (Routers, Filters, Gateways etc)
Support for variety of scripting languages (Javascript, Ruby, Python etc)
EDI support including EDIFACT, TRADACOM and other international formats including fully functional AS/2 Support.
Reusable integration templates available based on reusability principle (aggregators, synchronous messaging, database integration etc)
Multi-user and Multi-tenant development environment focussed on collaboration between users.
Real time and no-downtime deployment directly from ConnectPlaza® Studio anywhere in the world.
Certificate Management. Easily manage your SSL certificates and be informed of expiration.
Automatically receive new product updates and new features and completely control how and when to install updates to your runtime environment.
Manage all Connect Agent settings and configuration directly from ConnectPlaza® Studio without having to logon to the platform itself.
User management
Enterprises: review all environment licenses, users and access restrictions.
ISV's: review all end-user environment licenses, active developer logins and access restrictions.
License management and on-board license extension/renewal.
Technical and Business level inspection of all messages in target environment.
Governance of all flows and interactions with external parties.
Audit trail and 'track and trace'. Be sure to maintain control of all data flows and be able to retrace step by step.
Intelligent configurable rule driven analysis and reports of collected message data available on request.
GDPR compliant, no data is ever stored in the ConnectPlaza® Studio.
Configuration management for all technical monitoring purpose.
Message broker monitoring, control all your internal message queues.
API Analytics to review important metrics on the health and success of your environment.
Events and Notifications to be notified when problems occur or when systems do not comply.