Using the reversed gateway

Using the reversed gateway

As of version 3.0.0 of the ConnectPlaza-Frontend we added in deploy an option to select the option RHTTP at the “Generate Agent” screen.

The ConnectPlaza Reversed Gateway is used by the ConnectPlaza website to contact the ConnectAgent.

This solves the problem for most of the system administrators to open all kinds of obscure ports on you firewall to establish the connection from the ConnectPlaza website to the ConnectAgent. Deploy is an example for instance.

Most of the time ConnectPlaza uses default ports, like port 443 HTTPS or port 80 for HTTP. Those default ports should be enough. Most companies close all of the ports except de default ports for internet use.

In short, the RHTTP service works the following way. When a ConnectAgent is staring up, the ConnectAgent will register itself at the RHTTP Service. So the ConnectAgent is known at the RHTTP Service. As you connect to the ConnectAgent via  Deploy, Deploy will connect itself also to this RHTTP Service and searches for the ConnectAgent it wants to connect to. If it finds the ConnectAgent, it will use the HTTP response of the ConnectAgent to communicate with the ConnectAgent. With this principle, we only use port 443 to communicate with the ConnectPlaza RHTTP Service.

As most of the companies use the NAT protocol, firewall problems should be bypassed and as most companies always have port 80 and port 443 open, firewall problems should not occur.