Installing MySQL on Windows


Om MySQL te installeren voer het volgende uit. 

  • Open the IIS Manager and start the Web Platform Components Installer 
  • Select MySQL Windows 5.1 and press the Add button

  • Press install to install MySQL
  • Select a password for root (remember this for later use)

  • Accept the download

  • The download will start en will install the MySQL Server environment

Create a MySQL database

Analyze needs a database to save its data to. So for now we create a void database (database with no schema). Analyze will install the schema as it runs for the first time. 

To create a void schema, follow the next procedure: 

  • Open the MySQL Command Line Client

  • Enter the password and you will enter the MySQL console client. 
  • Create the database opdion-analyze, you can use any other name, remember to change that in the configuration files
create database `opdion-analyze`;
  • If all went well, this is what you will see as a result. 

  • end this application by entering quit and execute the command by pressing the enter key.

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