ConnectAgent Command Line Interface

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    The command line interface is standard deliverd with the ConnectAgent. You can find your command line interace in the following directory:

    • For Windows <connectAgent install directory>\bat\connectcmd.bat
    • For Linux <connectAgent install directory>/bin/connectcmd.sh

    You can use this too to install, query or remove interfaces from your connectAgent. You can monitor and set log levels and much more.

    Command Line Interface

    Running the command with no options will result in a help page looking like this:

    Error: No arguments
    usage: ConnectCommand [options] <command> [arg1 arg2 ...]
     -b,--brief           brief
     -c,--ctx <context>   Use context
     -h,--host <host>     Connect to host
     -p,--port <port>     Connect to port
    Commands :
      get-ctxs                              Get adapter context names
      getadapters                           Find all adapternames
      getbundles                            Get current installed bundles
      getchannels [adapter-name]            Find all channels of named adapter or all channels of all adapters
      geterror                              Get the last error message
      getloggers                            Get current common logging loggers
      getloglevel <logger name>             Get loglevel of specified logger
      getproperties                         Get the bundle properties.
      install <file> [autostart]            Install a new adapter bundle and instantiate it if autostart != no
      license                               Get license information from Connect Agent
      monitor [Bean name properties in form key=value,key=*,*] Monitor agent notifications, stop with Ctrl-C
      restart                               Restart a connect agent.
      setloglevel <logger> <level>          Set loglevel for logger, INFO,DEBUG, ERROR, WARN, FATAL
      start                                 Start an adapter context if not yet started, return state
      status                                Get adapter state, ONLINE,OFFLINE, STARTING, STOPPING
      stop                                  Stop an adapter context if not yet stopped, return state
      uninstall <file>                      Stop and uninstall an adapter bundle
      version                               Get the current agent version and version history in xml format

     This tool is very self explainary. If you need more information, you can look at some examples.


    Get all interfaces of you ConnectAgent

    connectcmd.bat -h  getadapters


    ConnectPlaza Command Line Interface Tool v 3.3.0
    Copyright ConnectPlaza.com 2012-2018
    Connect to
    Executing command getadapters
    Search adapters for domain com.opdion.myesb.connect.management
    Found adapters:



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