ConnectPlaza® helps AKIOMA to connect our platform with Salesforce®-, SAP®- and Progress® OpenEdge® End Users by means of their simple and intuitive visual user interface. It enables us to configure integration flows for all types of hybrid, on-premise and cloud implementations. We have embedded the ConnectPlaza® iPaaS technology within the AKIOMA Business Software in order to seamlessly integrate Salesforce®, SAP® or other ERP systems with AKIOMA and have real time data synchronization between diverse applications. Product information, customer details as well as the original pricing from the ERP system is integrated withConnectPlaza® and safely connected to our AKIOMA platform and vice versa.

Why ConnectPlaza®?

ConnectPlaza® offers a Superior "No Code Connectivity platform" and a One-Mouse Click Deployment of the solution to all my end users. Another big and strategic value for us is thatConnectPlaza® offers Out-of-the-Box native connectivity to the Progress® OpenEdge® AppServer (Classic and/or PASOE). With just 3 mouse clicks we are able to transform the output of Progress Procedures into any data format (REST, JSON, SOAP, WS, SFTP etc.) adapting to the End-Users requirements. This feature goes beyond any other iPaaS vendor and this native invocation with Progress is really helping us - and for sure other Progress based applications - to simplify connectivity. We managed to replace our existing Enterprise Service Bus platform ourselves after only 2 days training from ConnectPlaza. This rebuild of the platform saved us years of future new developments.

"Whether you want to enhance business process efficiency or accelerate digital transformation initiatives, ConnectPlaza® is the iPaaS vendor for the Progress community"

Mike Liewehr - Founder & Director - Akioma Software- Germany


Companies with ERP, CRM and Microsoft Exchange usage

Key Topics

  • Progress® OpenEdge® AppServer (Classic and/or PASOE)
  • Microsoft Exchange / Office 365
  • SAP®
  • Salesforce®
  • MicroSoft Exchange®
  • MicroSoft Office 365®
  • MicroSoft Sharepoint®
  • MicroSoft Navision®

Use Case

The AKIOMA Platform usesConnectPlaza® and reuses workflows to integrate with multiple Target Applications, like e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint, MS-NAV...

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