Infomat Wholesale ERP Software accelerate their connectivity needs with ConnectPlaza®

Infomat, the leading Wholesale ERP provider in The Netherlands and Belgium empowers their API solutions for their customers with ConnectPlaza® iPaaS technology.

We've been able to decrease the time it takes to create and implement a well-defined integration with more than 200% 

Normally we had to program a custom made interface for each unique End User but now we can point-and-click and drag-and-drop interfaces without any Coding. Using ConnectPlaza®, Infomat can quickly and securely automate the E-commerce processes giving the sales team of our customers a complete visibility for real-time and accurate price calculations, stock and order fulfillment.

"ConnectPlaza® offers all the types of integration components 'Out of the Box', so we do not have to worry about the technical integration challenges because ConnectPlaza® facilitates that. Infomat can configure the integration solutions within a couple of hours instead of days like we did in the past.

Dominique Demeyer

 INFOMAT Belgium


Wholesale business in the field of Sanitary ware; Electrical Engineering; Hardware & Tools; Construction 

Key Topics

  • EDI / XML
  • Webshop Integration
  • REST 
  • Progress® OpenEdge® 
  • Magento 

Use Case

Robust integration between e-commerce and Infomat ERP (system of records). Orchestrate business processes with connectivity between the Webshop and and Infomat for inventory, order management, financials, CRM, payments and more.

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