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The Constructor is where you will build your integration functionality. The Constructor is created in such a way that everyone, even if they have no experience in ESB and integration, can Connect their data! ConnectPlaza allows all types of integration combinations: Cloud, SaaS or On-Premise applications. Once you have created your integration functionality, you can easily deploy it via Deploy.




Deploy is where you will deploy your integration functionality to one of your agents. In Deploy you can also check which integration functionality is deployed on the respective agent and look at the most important log files concerning these deployed Interfaces. All integration functionality you build in Constructor is shared between all agents attached to your account. So once you build something, you can deploy it anywhere.




With Control you have real-time technical monitoring capabilities for your complete ConnectPlaza run-time environment. Pro-active support is possible by checking metrics and notifications of the Agent. You can set thresholds on queue sizes, number of messages per component, etc. When installed a default configuration based on your environment is created. You can modify these settings, like Alerting, Message Notification, Error Handling, Events, Latency, etc. in the Control environment in your ConnectPlaza platform.



Analyze is a powerful tool to look into your integration processes. Through wiretaps you can build into your integration functionality in Constructor, you can view the messages in the bus at any point in the integration process. This gives you the opportunity to both check every step of the process during development and have the most important steps readily accessible on you production environment. With the powerful Business Entities, you can answer functional questions about the data by adding your own fields and filling them with data from the messages while they move through the bus.




Our Documentation site contains an ever expanding knowledge base. We have split this into three parts: Reference Guide, Technical Guide and Tutorials. The Reference Guide contains information about working with ConnectPlaza, from logging in to details about our release strategy. The Technical Guide contains detailed documentation of every component we have as well as installation and use guides for all parts of the ConnectPlaza products. Finally the Tutorials page contains some quick tutorials to get you started working with ConnectPlaza.





3rd party products

Altova MapForce

MapForce is an award-winning any-to-any graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool that maps data between any combination of XML, SQL database, EDI, XBRL, flat file, Excel, JSON, and/or Web service structures, then transforms data instantly or auto generates royalty-free data integration code for the execution of recurrent conversions.



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