Codeless, the creators of “Slim Software Nabouwen” (i.e. Smart Software Replication), assists companies with unique distinguishing business processes in achieving their ambitions by solving complex software challenges, often caused by a constantly changing software landscape.

Whether you need ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, planning packages, robot control, or product configuration software, our software platform – CodeX – is suitable for building all forms of software applications. The Codeless software is particularly suitable for (international) companies with unique business processes, regardless of the industry. Many of our clients are active in wholesale, transportation, retail, facility services, and the maritime sector.

With a team of approximately 100 driven IT professionals and specialized tooling, Codeless is ready to advise and support organizations with all software questions and challenges. 

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ICT, Software

Key Topics

  • Rebuild old software, no legacy

  • Reduce complexity

  • Simplify application landscape

  • Provide support and maintenance for your application.

Use Case

The CodeX platform utilizes the proven Microsoft Technology Stack and can also be integrated with a variety of other technologies through ConnectPlaza.

The underlying architecture is scalable, making it suitable for businesses of any size.

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