The ConnectPlaza Platform, which includes all types of prefab integration building blocks, EDI and Salesforce solutions as well as traditional integration capabilities has provided KIVO a fast learning curve and ease of use that KIVO needed to accelerate with their integration challenges. 

ConnectPlaza connects KIVO’s SAP MIS directly with On-premises and SaaS applications (e.g. Salesforce) which need access to its data. Connectplaza pulls essential data from all types of systems when needed. This ensures that information flows are fast and accurate – delivering greater visibility and building trust. 

Over the more recent years KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen has developed itself from one factory located in hometown Volendam to a real group of companies and partnerships throughout Europe. Currently, KIVO Group employs over 370 employees in 4 factories and offices in 3 countries. KIVO continues to invest in people, innovation, growth, partnerships and the environment. 

KIVO Plastic is one of the main producers of High-Density Polyethylene in Europe. The head office is located in Volendam, The Netherlands. KIVO offers a variety of mono- and coextruded flexible plastics based on LDPE and HDPE. KIVO offers both semi-finished products for further processing on our customer’s packaging lines. 




Key Topics

  • Integrate with Infor LN (previous ERP) and SAP (New ERP) to Salesforce and other SaaS environments 
  • Customer data / CRM  
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Real-Time data sync and reliable messaging 
  • Hybrid to Cloud integration 
  • Guaranteed data delivery is a must 

Use Case

KIVO replaced tailormade- and point-to-point interfaces with the ConnectPlaza iPaaS solution, to improve speed, reduce complexity, reduce cost and improve traceability & governance of data. 

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