KOOMBA b.v. was founded in Rotterdam in 2006 and boasts 30 years of ICT experience. As an SAP Business One EBM partner, KOOMBA sells and implements its e-commerce solutions, interfaces, and portals in over 10 countries fully integrated with SAP Business One. As the largest Enterprise partner of SmartStore, the company now also offers the ASP.NET MVC-based SmartStore.NET, fully synchronized and integrated with SAP Business One, for both connection via Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA®. 

Koomba BV offers an integration service (linking) to all its customers. By opening up information exchange between systems, businesses can save time and money by: 

  • Seamless integration of business processes 
  • Connectivity with any system or solution 
  • Data synchronization between SAP Business One and other applications 
  • Consolidation of all business data into one integrated solution 
  • Elimination of manual data entry across multiple systems 
  • Increased involvement of key stakeholders in the project 


SAP Partner mainly focused in Wholesale market 

Key Topics

  • SAP Integration seamless out-of-the-box 
  • Enable Application-to-Application (A2A) integration between existing applications and SAP Business One. 
  • Generiq integration solution for Koomba- and SAP community 
  • No Code Integration helps Koomba to offer a competitive solution 

Use Case

Due to architectual challenges in SAP Service layer, Koomba decided to work with ConnectPlaza. ConnectPlaza has great experience in connecting with SAP Business One and SAP Hana. Prefab building blocks are available to unlock data.

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