P5 Nederland advises on and implements 'Planview' software from this American software supplier in the field of ‘Lean and Agile’ portfolio management. The clients for this are primarily large companies in sectors such as finance, retail, maritime, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, where business is conducted only at a senior level.

These are companies and organizations where many projects are running simultaneously and need to be managed correctly. The integration between different systems is particularly important here. Consider financial ERP systems, HRM systems, and other applications. 

P5 distinguishes itself in the European market through a high degree of flexibility and customer focus—qualities that are often hard to find among large providers. P5 is eager to show potential customers what is genuinely possible based on clear customer needs, under the motto: first listen, then think, then act! 

Internationally, P5 has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium and mainly operates in the Benelux.  


Finance, retail, maritime, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals 

Key Topics

  • Lean and Agile portfolio management software 

Use Case

Companies and organizations who thrive to optimize many projects who are running simultaneously and need to be managed correctly.

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