Proponent, one of the biggest independent aerospace parts distributors, which was formed by the integration of Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen, has been operating ConnectPlaza's integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) since 2015.

After many years of using an Enterprise Service Bus, the transition to ConnectPlaza® was relatively easy. Although we did not migrate existing Sonic channels to new ConnectPlaza® channels (flows), rebuilding them from the ground up took much less time than it took us to build them in the Sonic environment originally.

Especially the ease of drag and drop configuration, simple deployment to the test environment and consequently to the production environment using configurable parameters, makes the platform highly adaptable and fits in perfectly with the agile way of working of which we are a big proponent of. The manageability of the channels is excellent, with documentation tools for visual representation right out of the box.

Proponent has established communication channels with many aerospace manufacturers and airlines by fully supporting the aerospace standard message specifications known as SPEC2000. We support the entire supply chain with manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, GE (General Electric) and many more, on the one hand, and airlines like Air France/KLM, Emirates, American Airlines and many others at the other end.

For our VMI/VOI programs - Vendor Managed Inventory/Vendor Owned Inventory - we have developed proprietary message schema's and formats, and use these to communicate consumptions from inventory as well as replenishments to stock between local systems at the customer site and our ERP backend system, Infor SX.e Distribution. The built-in ConnectPlaza® OpenEdge® AppServer connector makes it extremely easy and fast to use existing ERP logic by performing a callout from the iPaaS, resulting in a seamless integration of all systems.

Modifications to existing specifications and channels are few but can be managed extremely fast. Also, connections to new messaging partners, with existing messaging schemas, can be established within the time-frame of one week, which is a 600% improvement over the previous Enterprise Service Bus platform. Especially since development, testing, and deployment are all done in-house, without the need for external consultants.

Another huge advantage over other platforms is the web-based interface, which can be accessed literally everywhere. Thus allowing both development, testing, and deployment, as well as in-depth monitoring, from any location in the world.

Paul Versluis
Application Development Manager




Key Topics

  • Replacement of legacy ESB and move to iPaaS
  • SPEC2000 standard
  • Supply chain integration with Boeing, Airbus, GE (General Electric), Air France/KLM, Emirates, American Airlines
  • Progress® OpenEdge® AppServer
  • Infor SX.e Distribution
  • Selfservice and all done in-house

Use Case

Communicate consumptions from inventory as well as replenishments to stock between local systems at the customer site.

Vendor Managed Inventory and Vendor Owned Inventory proces.

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