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    Release notes 3.2.0


    • Multi-user support has been added. If you have multiple user accounts, you can now use those simultaneously. Your development work will automatically be synchronized to the other online users.
    • A button has been added in the top right corner of both Constructor and Deploy, showing the amount of users logged in for your profile. If you press this button, you can see which users are logged in at the moment.
    • If your user account has access to multiple developer licenses, you can now switch between those in Constructor.
    • If your user account has access to multiple agent licenses, you can now switch between those in Deploy.
    • Improved the control you have over System interfaces like Analyze backend and Deploy backend. Some of these you cannot stop or deinstall, because they are vital to the agent.
    • The amount of flows in your flows, interfaces and agent are now shown in Deploy. Also the maximum amount of flows you can use is shown.
    • Improved the process of ordering licenses.
    • Improved the Dashboard functionality. With the new dashboard, you now have an easy to access overview of all the licenses in your profile.


    • Improved suggestions for the name of a dynamic property.
    • Changing the name of a flow or an interface now correctly refactors this change with regards to dynamic properties.
    • Flow references, as found for example in routers and filters, will now only let you choose between flows that have a flow proxy component, which is necessary for the flow reference to work.
    • Deploy now correctly shows installed Interfaces that do not exist in your bundle store. You can uninstall and stop these interfaces, but not reinstall them.
    • When uploading an interface through the drop function, you now have to choose a Business Connector to put this interface into.
    • The XPathHelper in Analyze has been improved.
    • Text changes troughout the platform for clarity.

    Release notes 3.1.2


    • Added an FAQ page to the documention.


    • Made textual changes to the license page.
    • Fixed a rare issue where flow references would not be properly displayed. 

    Release notes 3.1.1


    • Fixed a rare issue where the ConnectPlaza platform would not show properly after the 3.1.0 release.
    • Made some small textual changes to the license page. 

    Release notes 3.1.0



    • Scripting support has been added to ConnectPlaza in release 3.1.0. You can find the script tab under the resource tab in each of your interfaces. The scripts you add here will have to be written in Javascript. This is supported with a Javascript editor within the ConnectPlaza platform.
    • If you upload a cadapter file containing an Interface with a name that already exists in your Business Connector, the current Interface will be overwritten by the Interface from the cadapter file. This makes it easier to return to an earlier version of your Interface.
    • The HTTP Listener now supports multiple methods on the same context path.
    • The Bean editor has been converted to an XML syntax highlighter.
    • We have placed our components into categories to reduce the size of the list and to make it easier to find the component you're looking for.


    • We have added an update tab to Deploy. From the update tab you can see which updates are available, decide up to which version you'd like to update and view update logs detailing how the update process went.
    • There is now a button in Deploy with which you can restart the agent you are logged in with.
    • When you are logged in as a developer you can now easily switch to any end-user agent associated with your account. This is done with a drop down menu in the top right corner of Deploy.
    • You can now refresh the Business Connector overview by pressing the button in the top right corner of this overview.
    • It is now possible to stop and start an Interface without uninstalling it.


    • There is now a new ConnectPlaza Dashboard. We changed the way you can manage your licenses with a focus on ease of use.
    • We have also changed the process of ordering a license. First of all we have added a page detailing all types of licenses we offer and from there we have simplified the way you order your license to get you started as soon as possible.
    • Our twitter feed is now featured on the main page of our website.


    • We have added JavaDoc for certain parts of the ConnectPlaza platform to support advanced scripting.
    • There are now separate pages for our Privacy agreement, General Terms and Cookie policy.



    • If there is an error with uploading a resource, a message will be shown.
    • Flow Reference lists will now only show Flows with a Proxy consumer.
    • Flow Refrenece lists will now be sorted in alphabetical order.
    • The notice screen that is shown when building an Interface will now advise to create a local backup.
    • If you cancel the settings for a flow, the settings you changed will now be properly ignored in all cases.
    • Duplicating a flow will now switch your view automatically to the copy.
    • Widgets are now removable from the cockpit.
    • Beans can now be created without any Bean XML. If the Bean XML is empty, the system will assume there are no bean settings.
    • Subtables are now supported in the diagram. This pertains to subtables such as the headers you can add in the Header Enricher component.
    • We have fixed an issue where the Cron Generator would fall over zeroes.


    • The Install and Back buttons in the Interface details screen have been switched to prevent pressing the Remove All button by accident.
    • Each Interface is now properly lined out in its own row.
    • Fixed an issue where the Agent Connection settings were not properly saved when changed.
    • Widgets are now removable from the cockpit.

    Release notes 3.0.2


    • The ampersand character (&) is now usable everywhere in ConnectPlaza.
    • Numerical fields can now be made dynamic.
    • Fixed an occurrence where the table of contents of the documentation would not show correctly.

    Release notes 3.0.1


    Important messages to live users:

    • We can now send messages directly to every user that is currently using Constructor or Deploy.
    • We will use this to give you a warning when we are applying an update or a patch to our servers.

    Interface Diagram look and feel upgraded:

    • We noticed that the Interface Diagram is an excellent tool to get a good overview of all the Flows in one of your Interfaces.
    • Therefore we decided to improve it even further. We primarily improved readability and introduced a way to see which flows interact with each other. 


    • The Quartz/Cron widget is now more stable.
    • Table of contents layout spacing fixed in the documentation.
    • Negative values can no longer be entered in numeric fields where the value cannot be negative.
    • The duration of trial accounts has been increased to 30 days from 10 days.
    • Fixed a rare occurrence where a license check could fail on a valid license.
    • When switching a value between dynamic and static, the value you entered will carry over.
    • Passwords are now hidden in the Interface Diagram and  the interface settings in.
    • Added a validation check before creating a bundle. The minimum requirements are one active flow and one active consumer component per active flow.
    • The Interface Diagram permalink now works.
    • It is now possible to have one profile with multiple partners accounts.
    • Flow references can now be set to None.
    • In the documentation webpages, the navigation menu now auto focuses its scroll distance correctly.

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