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    The ConnectPlaza Website

    After going to the ConnectPlaza portal via the url: https://www.connectplaza.com, you will see the following dashboard appear:

    The ConnectPlaza portal is a secure website. Always check your browsers to see if the URL is pointing at the ConnectPlaza.com URL.

    On the main page, after you log in, you can see the following options presented to you.

    Link Remarks
    Home Return to main page of the https://www.connectplaza.com website
    Products The Product page, which contains information about the ConnectPlaza products
    EDI The EDI page, shows you an overview about our IDE futureproof toolbox
    Pricing The Pricing page, gives you an overview of the available licenses.
    Documentation This link goes to the documentation overview. From there you can navigate all of our documentation. 
    Training If you need Training, check this page.
    Contact Contact information.
    Login Login into the ConnectPlaza portal



    This site is compliant with the laws regarding the use of cookies of the European Union. When you start the site for the first time you will see a message at the bottom of the screen:

    If you want to know more about cookies on this website, please click on More info. Press the button to accept the cookies. Please keep in mind that this site will not work without cookies.


    The homepage of this site has serveral different parts. These parts do not have to have any connection with the menu above. In this chapter we will describe the different parts of the main home page.


    The upper part of the main home page introduces us to the ConnectPlaza Development Platform. You can access the main menu, get more information or you can get our product immediately, via the Get it now! button.

    If you press the  you will enter the About page. If you press the  button, you will be redirected to the Licenses page of the website, where you can check the licenses and buy our product.


    If you go down the page, you will arrive at the objectives part of the web. At this part, you will see our goals for ConnectPlaza.

    Partners and customers

    Check out our partners and customers at the customers part of the screen.

    And check out what our customers are saying about us:


    If you want to know which editions of ConnectPlaza are available for you, check the Editions.


    This part shows you the prices of our products. If you want a 31 day trial, you can press the  button to order.


    Select a guide by pressing one of the links below.

    • Reference guide --> Documentation targeting administrators and sales departments
    • Technical documentation --> Documentation targeting system administrators and developers
    • Tutorials --> How to use our product the right way.


    At the bottom of each page, you will find links with more information about ConnectPlaza, our current tweets and our company's address.

    You will also find a link to our legal page, Terms and Conditions, our privacy policy and our cookies policy.


    Copyright © 2019 ConnectPlaza.   For pricing, account management and more go to https://www.connectplaza.com

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