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    When you go to the login screen for the first time, you will be presented with the following screen:: 

    You see two options on this screen. One to log in into your ConnectPlaza profile and one to register a new ConnectPlaza profile.

    Registering a new profile

    Fill in the initial registration form.

    The following fields are presented to you: 

    Field Description
    E-mail Email address for registering the profile. This email address must be a unique email address. If this email address is already registered, you will be notified and you must choose another email address
    Company name Company name of the profile
    Phone number (optional) Phone number you can be contacted on. This is optional. 
    Privacy Policy &
    Terms of use

    The registration will only continue if you select the box By continuing you accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


    After registering, you will get the following message on the screen,

    to notify you that your registration was successful. If you press the Continue button, you will be redirected to your ConnectPlaza dashboard.

    You will get an email if your registration was successful. The email will look like this:

    Register your profile with a Trial

    If you want to activate a trial account you can access the registration via the option Licenses, from the menu bar from the ConnectPlaza website (not the dashboard!).

    You will enter the license page and you can select the appropriate license. For this example we choose a trial license to show you what happens if you register a profile for this type of license. If you are a new customer you can select the  button. If this button is not available to you, you probably have a trial account already. You may have only one trial license. If all checked out, you will see the following screen: 

    You will be notified that you pressed the button for a trial license. The text will be marked in blue. Registar of Login and a trial license will be created for you automatically. 

    After pressing the REGISTER button you will be notified that your registration is successfull.

    Press Continue and you will be redirected to ConnectPlaza Deploy to download you first ConnectAgent. The system recognizes if you do not have a ConnectAgent to work on, this is the first action to perform. When generating an agent for a trial this agent can only run via our RHTTP connections. You cannot, as in previous versions, generate an agent for the trial with a fixed external IP address.

    FIll in the details and press the button . The agent will be generated for you and, if on a Windows platform, you probably will see the next window to save your agent.

    As you have allready noticed, a short instruction how to install your agent will be presented to you.

    Press  to return to the default Deploy page.

    As you can see, a trial login has been created. You can check the detail in your ConnectPlaza Dashboard, for instance:

    Login in to your dashboard

    When you want to login into your ConnectPlaza Dashboard, press the Login button at the top right corner. You will be presented a login screen. You can login with any of your credentials, which can be an administrative account, a developer account or an end user account. But the administrative account is the only one who has access to your administrative profile.

    The following fields are presented to you:

    Field Descriptions
    Login Your registered profile. See the email sent to you for your login name 
    Password The password send to you by email

    If you have forgotten your password, press this button and you will be able to retrieve a new password via the following screen:\

    Type in your account name and press the SEND button. The system will send a new password to the email address. The email address must exist in our system. You will not be notified if the email address is not available in our system. An email will not be sent. The email will look like this:

    You will be redirected to the login screen, a message appears in the screen, see below:

    Login into the ConnectPlaza Dashboard.





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