Login to the system

When you go to the login screen for the first time, you will be presented with the following screen:: 

Use your username and password to log in, into the system.

When your successfully logged into the system, you will be presented, if you are the administrator of your company,  with the ConnectPlaza Dashboard.


Forgot password

If you do not know your password anymore, you can get a new one from the system. Just press the Forgot password button. You will be presented with the following screen:

Type in your account name and press the button . Check your email now. The system will send you a standard email.

The email will look something like this (this email is from our test system, normaly you will see www.connectplaza.com):

Now press the link: Get your password or the complete link to get your password. This password is already changed in the system. So if you do not get this password within the 24 hours after generating it, you have to get a new password again, because your old password is not valid anymore. Selecting the link within your email, will take you to the page with your new password. As these passwords are generated by our system, it is advised to use a Password Safe to save your password in. Keepass is for instance a good way to remember / save your passwords, but any other will do.

Now you can login with your new password.