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    To understand our license model and know were you can use a specific license, we will describe our license model here.

    Our license model has 3 distinct license forms, an Enterprise license, a Partner license and a Trial license.

    Trial licenses

    The Trial license is a license model for a predefined period of time. After the predefined time has passed, you can no longer use the software.

    Enterprise Licenses

    Enterprise licenses are typicaly ment for companies who wants to intergrate there own systems with each other. With this kind of companies we see a typical many to many solution.

    As stated on the website:

    The ConnectPlaza™ - Enterprise Edition (development and deployment by the end user) is required if the end user needs integration functionality between all of its applications.

    Partner Licenses

    Partner licenses are ment for software developers who wants to make there own systems more open to the world. You can for instance create webservices entries for your customer to connect to etc. 

    The ConnectPlaza™ - Partner Edition license (development) is required for Application Partners / ISV's to develop integration functionality between the partner application (source app) and non-partner applications (target apps).

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