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    AMQP sender

    The AMQP sender is used to send a message to an AMQP destination. This destination can be a queue or topic in an AMQP environment. The connection factory decides which AMP environment is used.

    The connection factory in question has to be defined in the custom-connection-factories.xml in the context directory. They default name for the connection factory is amqpConnectionFactory. By default a connection factory with this name is used. In case another connection factory is needed, the attribute connection factory needs to be used.

    The ConnectMessage headers are copied to the JMS headers.

    In the table below, you will find an explanation about these properties. All attributes with a ‘*’ are mandatory.




    By default, we fill this out with the technical ‘tag’, followed by a serial number. Changing the name is optional.


    Check this box if you want this producer to be enabled.

    Queue Name

    Name of queue to send to.

    Queue Name Supplied In Header

    Name of header that contains name of queue to send to.

    AMQP Exchange Name

    Exchanges are AMQP entities where messages are sent. Exchanges take a message and route it into zero or more queues. The routing algorithm used depends on the exchange type and rules called bindings. This is the name for the exchange to be used. By default this is the direct exchange (which is an empty string).


    This is the name of the MessagePart from the ConnectMessage, which content is written to the destination. If ALL is entered here, the ConnectMessage is transformed to a Sonic MultiPart message in case of a Sonic connectionFactory. The default value is msgprt0.

    Connection Factory

    Reference to the AMQP Connection Factory to use. Default value is AMQPConnectionFactory

    Mapped Request Headers

    A comma separated list of headers to be mapped from ConnectMessage to the AMQP message. The default are the standard AMQP properties.


    Description of the specific producer. This is for documentation purposes.


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