ConnectPlaza JVM Process Properties

ConnectAgent JVM Process configuration

Explanation of the parameters

Parameter Default Value Description


connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.main .\/jars\/*.jar  
connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.endorsed.jars .\/jars\/endorsed\/*.jar  
connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.config.dir .\/conf  
# JAVA JVE Startup arguments    
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.jmxremote This parameter allows the JMX client to get access to a local Java JV
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.maxheapsize -Xmx1280M Maximal startup memory in MB's
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.IP4Stack Prefer IPv4Stack
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.jan-tmpdir -Djna_tmpdir=.\/temp\/yajsw Temp direcotry for the wrapper
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.logselector -Dlogback.ContextSelector=
Set the context selector for logging
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.file.encoding -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 Default encoding format
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.ssldebug SSL Debug setting. Set to ALL to trace the SSL settings in the log.
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.activemq_serializable_packages -Dorg.apache.activemq.SERIALIZABLE_PACKAGES=*  
connectplaza.process.env.<key>   Default process environment key file.
connectplaza.process.env.connect_threadsperflow true  
connectplaza.process.env.connect_proxyconsumers_directchannel true  
JVM Startup Parameters    
-Dconnectplaza.strictFtpReplyParsing false

Disables for the complete Agent the check of the FTP response codes from the ftp serverss.



Forces the Mail consumer to implement all messages of this email as bytes to prevent encoding conversion issues with the emails.



Enables of disables for the ConnectPlaza® Agent Implicit FTPS.



Enables or disables the use of the myesb-agent certificate for client authentication


Enables of disables the HTTP cookie management of the APACHE HTTP CLIENT.


1024 bytes

Maximum number of bytes of a ByteArrayMessagePart that will be copiet in a String



Location of the Progress PSC Certs file (pscccerts.jar) for loadthen the SSL options when using AppserverDCS

To add a parameter, open the file <connectplaza install directory>/conf/ . You can name the parameter yourself. As an example we add the progress psccerts.jar.