ConnectPlaza JVM Process Properties

ConnectAgent JVM Process configuration

Explanation of the parameters


Parameter Default Value Description


connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.main .\/jars\/*.jar  
connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.endorsed.jars .\/jars\/endorsed\/*.jar  
connectplaza.process.jvm.classpath.config.dir .\/conf  
# JAVA JVE Startup arguments    
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.jmxremote This parameter allows the JMX client to get access to a local Java JV
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.maxheapsize -Xmx1280M Maximal startup memory in MB's
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.IP4Stack Prefer IPv4Stack
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.jan-tmpdir -Djna_tmpdir=.\/temp\/yajsw Temp direcotry for the wrapper
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.logselector -Dlogback.ContextSelector=
Set the context selector for logging
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.file.encoding -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 Default encoding format
connectplaza.process.jvm.arg.ssldebug SSL Debug setting. Set to ALL to trace the SSL settings in the log.
connectplaza.process.env.<key>   Default process environment key file.
-Dconnectplaza.strictFtpReplyParsing false Disables for the complete agent the check of the FTP response codes from the ftp serverss.
-DtextAsBinary false Forces the Mail consumer to implement all messages of this email as bytes to prevent encoding conversion issues with the emails.
-Dconnectplaza.ftps.implicit false Enables of disables for the ConnectAgent Implicit FTPS.
-Dconnectplaza.disable.client.certificate false Enables or disables the use of the myesb-agent certificate for client authentication false Enables of disables the HTTP cookie management of the APACHE HTTP CLIENT.


1024 bytes Maximum number of bytes of a ByteArrayMessagePart that will be copiet in a String


jars/endorsed/psccerts Location of the Progress PSC Certs file (pscccerts.jar) for loadthen the SSL options when using AppserverDCS

To add a parameter, open the file <connectplaza install directory>/conf/ You can name the parameter yourself. As an example we add the progress psccerts.jar