Explaining the directory structure

Changes in the directory structure as of version 4.2.0

As of version 4.2.0, when you start a one of the scripts for the first time, a special installation script will change the directory structure of the ConnectAgent.

To be more in control of the installations and updates we separated the actual software from the user data and configuration data. By doing this we can install an update without removing the old agent. We create symbolic links to the new, updated ConnectAgent for your configuration and the ConnectAgent should be up and running in no time.

So what have we done? See the next directory structure: 

As you can see, we created a symbolic link with the name agent. This symbolic links to the actual agent directory which is active. In this case 4.2.0.RC1.

If we go into the agent directory, we see some other symbolic links to the directories .data, activemq-data, jdk, logs and temp. In the jars directory, we created a symbolic link to the endorsed directory, because of your personal .jar files needed to run in your environment. These directories contain your personal data and must not be deleted when we update to a higher version.

You can find these directories in the installation directory of your ConnectPlaza Agent, see image above.

Explaining the directory structure

Starting in the installation directory of the ConnectPlaza Agent you will see the following directory structure:




Data needed to update your environment and running the agent.


This is the MQ data directory. This is part of the internal MQ layer. Analyze for instance uses queues of the MQ layer.
agent This is a symbolic link to the current running agent. In this case agetn-4.2.0.
agent-4.2.0 A ConnectAgent directory. If there have been updates, you will find more than one agent-xxx directories.
endorsed This is the endorsed directory of the jars/endorsed symbolic link. You can find the endorsed .jar files here. For instance for your OpenEdge Connectors or the MySQL connectors.
images (Windows Installer only) This is a directory used by the Windows Installer and contains then images for the shortcuts in your Windows menu.
installerResources (Windows Installer only) Resources used by the Windows Installer
jdk (Windows Installer only) JDK used by the ConnectAgent when you have chosen to install the ConnectAgent including the JDK.
Licenses (Windows Installer only) Licenses used in the Windows Installer.
logs Log files of the ConnectAgent.
temp Temp for the ConnectAgent.

As you go into the agent directory, you will find yourself in the active ConnectAgent directory;

Directory Description
.data Symbolic link to the ../.data directory.

Symbolic link to the ../activemq-data directory.

adapters Here you will find your installed interfaces.
bat Batch files to execute / stop your agents and services on Windows.
bin Shell files to execute / stop your agents and services on Linux.
conf The ConnectPlaza Agent configuration files and logging configurations files.
connectplaza-agent-updater ConnectPlaza Agent Executables.
connectplaza-wrapper ConnectPlaza Agent Executables.
context Jetty XML Configuration files and the ConnectPlaza Keystore and Truststore.
delete Windows only, files set to be deleted.
jars ConnectPlaza Agent Executables.
jdk Symbolic link to the ../jdk directory.
logs Symbolic link to the ../logs directory.
temp Symbolic link to the ../temp directory.

If you want to know which version is the latest installed version on your system, check your agent/version.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <installDate>2022-02-17 15:38:59</installDate>

You can see the current version installed and the date the installation occurred.