ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.5.x

This is minor release 3.5.x of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the half annual release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes :

New functionality

  • Simplified start and stop mechanism. The inner yajsw wrapper is removed. The update process is now a separate process that runs in its own jvm before the agent jvm is started. This opens the possibitlity to update the update mechanism after updating the agent.
  • The jvm attributes are moved into their own property file called connectplaza-jvm.properties in the conf directory. New agents will automatically use this property file. Updated agents will still use the wrapper.conf in the yajsw/conf directory. To make updated agents use the new property file convert the jvm attributes from the wrapper file into the connectplaza-jvm.properties_ file in the conf directory and rename this file to connectplaza-jvm.properties. The yajsw directory can then be removed.
  • Added a new cron-consumer. Opens the possibility to start a flow scheduled.
  • Added an XPath injection service.
  • The connectplaza-control interface now uses a rule engine to convert metrics to notifications. Metric values are evaluated by the rules in the rule engine and depending on the result of the evaluation converted into notifications. This opens the way to functional monitoring of flows and messages.


Solved component bugs:

  • Exceptions in consumers where not send as notifications to control.
  • SFTP Outbound gateway looses messageparts, fixed.
  • Webservice Consumer could not be redeployed, fixed.
  • Added Soap Version support for WS Outbound Gateway
  • Added XPath Helper for Header Enricher
  • Added Array support for JSON To XML Convertor
  • Added direct content-type field for HTTP Outbound to avoid use of enrichers.
  • Separated HEADER and XPATH fieldtypes for Base64 Convertor
  • Fixed problem with HTTP Consumer failing to unload and duplication errors when redeploying.
  • WS Uri now overrideable through ws_uri header.
  • Implemented WS Security Signing and Encryption support for WS Outbound and WS Consumer
  • Added Header attributes in Constructor for JMS Producer.
  • Added DC, DCs en Pacific Appserver support for all Progress Components.
  • Unzip password field set to secret