ConnectPlaza Agent script files

Bin and bat files, how to use them

Within the installation of the ConnectPlaza Agent you will find a bin directory and a bat directory in your installation directory.

The bat directory is used by Windows users, the bin directory is used by Linux users.

The following files are available to you:

Windows Linux

To run them use a CLI (command line interface).

Command: ./ start|stop

Used to start of stop the ConnectAgent.

If the ConnectAgent is installed as a service, it will use the service command to start or stop the service. Otherwise it will use the ./ command to start the ConnectAgent.

Command: ./

Used to install the ConnectAgent as a service on the server.


Used to stop the agent if it is running and uninstall the service of the ConnectAgent.

Command: ./

Running this command will return the status of the ConnectAgent.

Command: ./

Used to start the ConnectAgent service.

Command: ./

Used to stop the ConnectAgent service.

Command: ./

Used to start the connectAgent as a single proces. You can stop the ConnectAgent with the <CTRL>-C buttons. The logging will be displayed also in your console. So this is a way to debug startup problems if you have any.

This is the ConnectPlaza Command Line Interface Tool.

Command used to get data from your ConnectAgent.

usage: connectcmd [options] <command> [arg1 arg2 ...]
 -b,--brief <arg>   Exclude additional information and error messages
 -h,--host <arg>    Connect to host
 -p,--port <arg>    Connect to jmx port
 -u,--url <arg>     Connect to url
available commands:
 getagentlogtail <number of bytes>                        Get the Log tail from all interfaces
 getavailableupdatereports                                Get all available update reports
 getbundles                                               Get current installed bundles
 getconfigurationfile <configuration file>                Get a configuration file from the connected agent
 getdatetime <interface name>                             Get the installation date and time of this interface
 geterror                                                 Get the last error message of an interface
 getflows [interface name]                                Find all flows of the named interfaces or all flows of all interfaces
 getinterfaceflows <interface name>                       Get the flow count from an interface
 getinterfaceloglevel <interface name>                    Get internal log level of specified interface: FULL,NORMAL,MINIMAL,TRACELOG en TRACELOGMSG
 getinterfaces                                            Get the names of all available interfaces
 getlicense                                               Get license information from Connect Agent
 getlocation <interface name>                             Get the location of this interface
 getloggers [filter]                                      Get all common loggers or loggers which starts with the filter
 getloglevel [interface name] <logger>                    Get log level of specified logger in the agent or inside an interface: INFO, DEBUG, ERROR, WARN, FATAL
 getlogtail <interface name> <number of bytes>            Get the log tail from an interface
 getproperties <interface name>                           Get the interface properties
 getsize <interface name>                                 Get the size of the bundle in Kilobytes
 gettotalflows <includesystemflows>                       Get the total number of flows on the connected agent
 getupdatereport <report>                                 Get the update reports
 getupdates                                               Get all available updates
 getupdatetillversion                                     Get the latest version this connected agent will upgrade to
 install <bundle> [autostart]                             Install a new interface bundle and instantiate it if autostart != false
 monitor [Bean name properties in form key=value,key=*,*] Monitor agent notifications, stop with Ctrl-C
 restart                                                  Restart a connect agent
 setinterfaceloglevel <interface name> <level>            Set internal log level for interface: FULL,NORMAL,MINIMAL,TRACELOG en TRACELOGMSG
 setloglevel [interface name] <logger> <level>            Set log level of specified logger in the agent or inside an interface: INFO, DEBUG, ERROR, WARN, FATAL
 setupdatetillversion <version>                           Set the latest version this connected agent will upgrade to
 shutdownagent                                            Terminate connected agent
 start <interface name>                                   Start an interface context if not yet started and return the state
 status <interface name>                                  Get interface state: ONLINE, OFFLINE, STARTING, STOPPING
 stop <interface name>                                    Stop an interface context if not yet stopped and return the state
 uninstall <bundle>                                       Stop and uninstall an interface bundle (provide full name)
 updatelicense <file>                                     Update the agent license with the license from file
 version                                                  Get the current agent version and version history in xml format