ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.2.0

This is maintenance release 3.2.0 of ConnectPlaza Connect Agent.

New functionality:

  • The myesb-deploy-backend-adapter has been replaced with the connectplaza-deploy-adapter.
  • The tooltips in the Constructor components have been rewritten for correctness and consistency purposes.
  • Added JSONPath Splitter, Validator, Router and Filter components.
  • Added WSDL Validator component.
  • Added Header Router and Filter components.
  • Added Response Message Type option to the Webservice Listener
  • Added Expected Content Type property to the HTTP/REST Listener to specify which type to respond regardless of content-type mapping. To allow for more combinations.
  • When files are backed up by a component, the backup name will now use a human readable datetime format.
  • The JMS OnDemand Poller now copies JMSHeaders to msgprt properties.
  • STARTTLS and Mail Debug properties have been added to the E-Mail Sender. Both are false by default.
  • Added properties to the connectplaza-analyze.properties file for Analyze SQL and MONGO automatic cleaning.
  • Added number of flows support for Deploy.

Solved bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where two Webservices with the same WSDL en SOAPAction on different context paths would no behave correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple package support in the Object to XML Transformer and the XML to Object Transformer.
  • Fixed an issue where log levels would not be correctly reset.
  • In the HTTP Gateway, the Non-Standard HTTP Header Prefix property can now be set to empty.
  • Fixed an issue where a MessagingException would not be recognized as such when being send by mail, resulting in an unreadable message.
  • Fixed an issue where the router components would not properly deploy if the Inter-Interface property was set.
  • Adding multiple headers with the same name to different parts of the message now works properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the JMS Gateway would freeze if no reply was send back.
  • Fixed an issue where the connection between the agent and the front-end would not always be correctly build back up if the connection was lost.

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