ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.1.0

This is minor release 3.1.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the half annual release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes :

New functionality

  • added bnsca.connectplaza.com certificate to connectplaza-truststore.jks for support in control adapter
  • increased default poolsize connect.taskscheduler.poolsize in connectplaza-agent.properties from 20 to 50 (service runners). This was a problem in agents with lots of interfaces.
  • increased default max poolsize connect.taskexecutor.poolsize in connectplaza-agent.properties from 5-25 to 5-40. This was a problem in agents with lots of interfaces.
  • added properties to connectplaza-analyze.properties for mongodb support
  • added default property connect.analyze.storagetype=SQL to connectplaza-agent.properties. This property is for multiple messagestoreimpls support. Default is mysql support.
  • added restart functionality
  • router components now supports routing over interfaces
  • changed default clouduri to https://backend.connectplaza.com:443. This will remove the need for opening port 8443 on client side firewalls.
  • added certificate backend.connectplaza.com to connectplaza-truststore.jks
  • logback log files will now roll at 17.00 hours by default. Can be specified in logback.xml en logback-adapter-template.xml.
  • added functions for better log file support in deploy
  • added functions for configuration support in deploy (frontend support in 3.2.0)
  • myesb-reverse-deploy-adapter replaced by myesb-reverse-http-adapter
  • added mongodb support for analyze. New adapter myesb-analyze-mongo-backend-adapter. Do not load set by default. (mongo support is experimental)
  • added dependencies for JSONPATH support
  • added validators components for XPath, XSD, JSON and RAML
  • added Base64 convertor component
  • added http(s) proxy support for several components.
  • added additional HTTP methods fro http-outbound-gateway component.
  • added script reference attribute for several components. For scripting support in constructor
  • added component myesb-message-enricher
  • logging support in javascripts by adding scriptvar log
  • categories added to xsd components for constructor

Solved Bugs

  • reduced logging in SendToChannel
  • for resolving xsd an internet conenction was needed. Solved by removing all references to xsd with version numbers.
  • Preemptive HTTP authentication fixed.
  • Json2xml convertor gets default root element if missing.
  • default value file: removed for SFTP, caused exception
  • Default connection factory for amqp components in si-components.xsd to amqpConnectionFactory. Had reference to wrong connection factory

Update breaks

The update can break if the certificate license.connectplaza.com is missing in the trust store of the connectAgent. The connectAgent will not start anymore. 

To start the agent again, you have to remove the update-3.1.0,zip file from your system. Log into you system with administrator rights and delete the file from the ConnectPlaza installation. You can find the file in the directory: /temp/update/. Now you can start your agent again. The update file will be downloaded again and placed into the update directory again. To assure that you can update next time the agent restarts, you have to add a license.connectplaza..com certificate in your trust store.

Download: license.connectplaza.com.crt.zip

After unzipping and importing the license file in your trust store, you can restart your agent manually to check if the update is working. 

Analyze not working anymore

When you can log into analyze, but you do not get data, you have to perform the following actions:

  • Open the file conf.global.php van analyze (config directory)
  • Search the paramter $configparam["jsonopdionconnector"]["analyze"]["url"]
  • Change http in https and modify  the portnumber of the connector to the SSL connector port of your connectAgent. You can find it in de connectAgents propertie file under de name connect.jetty.sslconnector.port=
    Default portnumber is 8443
  • Change the directory to /analyze/.
  • Dit ziet er dan als volgt uit: "https://:8443/analyze/"

This looks like this: