MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.1.0   

  • experimental reverse connect deploy
  • ftps support in ftp-consumer en -producer
  • tuning properties for threadpools and activeMQ

Si-Agent 2.1.0 Changelog :

new features

  • added tuning properties to applicationContext
  • Added experimental myesb-reverse-deploy-adapter

SI-components 2.1.0 Changelog


  • #646 MessageSender was not parsed well when property message-sender was set.
  • #648 Backup service wont throw exception when backup fails. Message will go to services.
  • #649 Reponse-type in http-outbound-service.xml en MyESbHttpOutboundServiceParser replaced with response-type. xsd already had response-type.
  • myesb-proxy-consumer jmx messages now mapped on correct si MBean

New features

  • myesb-channel-dispatcher can send to other adapter channels
  • added reply-timeout to tcp-consumer

- #643 a null producer is add in the producer tag parser if no myesb producer is found in the producer tag. wiretaps and execption-handling are not counted as myesb-components so if only a wiretap exists a null-producer will be added. wiretaps are interceptors and leave the message on the outbound queue.

  • ftps support in myesb-ftp-consumer and producer