MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.0.4   

  • myesb-aggregator component
  • myesb-tcp components
  • heartbeat support op channels wanneer bericht passeert
  • windows bundle undeploy workaround

Si-Agent 2.0.4 Changelog :

New features

  • Support for RegisteredFileDeleter. Marks bundles that can not be directly deleted as deleted. Workaround for failing Windows file delete. Also build in a delay to give classloader time to clean up before trying to delete. Will retry 5 times.


  • properties connect.analyze.connectionfactory, connect.analyze.queue and connect.connectionfactory.name have now default values
  • added inter-adapter-send-channel.xml to route messages from adapter to adapter (bug #454)
  • removed connect-backwardcompatible-wrapper
  • default SSL context bound to certAlias myesb-agent in jettyserver.xml

SI-components 2.0.4 Changelog

  • update si-components.xsd to 2.3


  • #454 myesb-gateway-channel cannot route between adapters. Solved by adding an attribute to myesb-gateway-channel interadapter="true". Routing will now be done via the resendChannelHandler in myesb-si-agent by using property sendToChannel
  • #454 also solved for wiretaps. Extra attribute interadapter="true"
  • generic-service destroyed sequence info because of use of splitter tag. Added apply-sequence attribute to avoid. Default = false, so generic services who want sequence info (for downstream aggregator) can add attribute apply-sequence=true
  • #582 sequenceNumber and sequenceSize are converted to Integer if necessary in ConnectMessageHeaderEnricher
  • mapforce service retrieves multiple input messages not by idx but by msgid msgprt[idx]
  • Default MyESBAggregator adds messages as connectmessage part by msgid. Msgid is composed from msgprt+sequenceNr if sequenceNr exist or by occurrence in list.

New features

  • For heartbeat support: ChannelActivityInterceptor added to InboundServceChannel interceptors. Will count passing messages in existing Channel Bean. New attribute heartbeat on myesb:channel tag activates reporting functionality to MyESB Control Adapter. If one or more messages pass during the MyESB Control Adapter interval an heartbeat OK message is sent.
  • Added first implementation of myesb-aggregator-service.
  • Added myesb-null-producer
  • Added myesb-tcp-consumer + test
  • Added myesb-tcp-outbound-gateway + test
  • Added header-enricher test
  • Added SSL/TLS support for TCP components