ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 4.0.0

This is major release 4.0.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the annual release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes :

New functionality

  • Support for OpenJDK 11
  • Rrsocket communication for future replacement of rhttp
  • Better analyze mongo support
  • Mysql-connector moved to endorsed and brought under user control
  • Agent installer for Windows users
  • Myesb-components.xsd in own project connectplaza-component-types for support of older xsds and better support for constructor
  • ConnectPlaza license check times randomized
  • Added cleanUp controller service for Analyze SQL and Mongo
  • Added mass deployment via Deploy
  • Extended reseller support via customer dashboard

Solved component bugs Issue Summary

  • ConnectPlaza Agent - X- Prefix added for REST Listener
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - HTTP Authentication using JDBC causes Analyze problems
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Encoding convertor crasht with large files
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Tracelogger issue with Service Activator
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Wiretap has problems when messages have 0 parts
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Flow Gateway with intra cannot find target flow
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Mailconsumer unable to handle text/plain bodies
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - XPATH Filter returns different result at runtime and when tested in Constructor
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - FilePickup and Solid file check time returns error
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Large file consumer atomic move problem
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - REST listener dos not start when deployed to the ConnectAgent
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Aggregator producer has a startup error
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - rest-listener returns a Jetty Exception
  • ConnectPlaza Agent - Null pointer exception within email sender
  • ConnectPlaza Control - Stopping command from WS Consumer does not work
  • Constructor - Header Filter - filter on emtpy strings
  • DEPLOY: Change cron values of dynamic values fixed



The updater 4.0.0 will reinstall your service is you have installed your service. If you are a Windows user you can run into problems if you have changed the credentials starting the service. The installation procedure will overwrite your credentials en reinstall the service with the default credentials.

The ConnectPlazaUpdater service will be started as Local System Account.

If you have, for instance, shares who need specific credentials, check these credentials, otherwise you can get authority issues on your directories.

If you have changed the user starting the ConnectAgentUpdater service, stop the agent and remove the ActiveMQ directory in your installation folder before starting the ConnectAgent. The activeMQ directory will be created with the user account which starts the service.

We have not found any issues for Linux users.