ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.6.0

This is the minor release 3.6.0 for ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the half annual release schedule for ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes:

New functionality

  • Added AS/2 functionality.
  • Added FileMove service.
  • Added MessagePart Splitter.
  • Added scan-each-poll option for File Consumer
  • Added Soap-Fault feature to WS Outbound gateway to allow WSFault XML handling.
  • Added attribute support for XPath Injector Service
  • Added :headers[] syntax to Message Enricher add function
  • Added allowEmptyResponses option for OE Gateway. Defaults to true for compatibility.
  • Added Sleep service.
  • Added Multipart/form-data support
  • Agent specific data moved from temp directory to .data directory

Solved component bugs

  • Fixed problem with wss4j deps. Now completely migrated to 2.2.4
  • Fixed XSD problem with depends-on
  • Correct implementation for Form Url Encoding on the HTTP Listener
  • X- Prefix automatisch voor HTTP Listener
  • Fixed problems with SoapMessage Convertor to support correct messagepart-out

Update information

When installing update 3.6.0, you need to follow the next steps:

  • Update your agent until version 3.5.10
  • Check in Deploy that, under "Agent Updates", the updates 3.5.20 and 3.6.0 are available
  • Select update until version 3.5.20
  • Restart the agent with "Restart Agent" button in Deploy
  • After installation of version 3.5.20, check that everything is installed according to plan. Check this in the log file of the installation (via Deploy).
  • Select the installation of version 3.6.0. You cannot use the restart button now, you have to restart the agent yourself on your system.
  • After installation of update 3.6.0 the agent will be running. If it is, restart the agent again. The update will now finish.
  • Check in the log via "View update reports" in Deploy