MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.2.3   

Si-Agent 2.2.3 Changelog :

  • feature #747. Adapters you dont want to start are now configurable in myesb-connect.properties. Add property connect.adapters.donotstart= with comma-separated list of adapters (without -version.jar) you dont want to start.
  • system http proxy settings added to myesb-connect.properties and jvm-security.xml
  • older logfiles are now collected in per day directories


SI-components 2.2.3 Changelog

  • Update MyESB Analyze messagestore service to 1.2.1 with BE fix
  • Bugfixes in the (backported) version of the new File Poller
  • Added new functionality to the FileReaderService so it can also read files from inside the adapter bundle
  • Removed unnecessary java8 backport classes
  • DSL: implemented jdbc-fields for database service. Now user can choose to use data-source beanreference or simply enter the jdbc driver, url, user and password instead. Internally a C3P0 pool will be resolved for these settings.
  • DSL: implemented ProxyAwareHttpClient for outbound gateways (http and ws)


  • ChannelWiretap now removes the erroChannel property. Copied messages begin with clean reply- and errorChannel.
  • DSL: fixed testcase to fit resource pattern.
  • channel-proxy-consumer did not copy headers to properties. Added ObjectToConnectMessageTransformer. By doing so no-connectmessages arriving at channel-proxy-consumer are now wrapped in a connectmessage, conform the documentation. Also, the myesb-channel-dispatcher tests are updated. Tests were using proxy-consumer receiving something other than ConnectMessage
  • #765 Report was that sending thread was stuck on sending huge amount of data. The problem already occures when the receiving side is wanting al long time to send the response. This was caused because there was no socket read timeout on the ws-outbound-gateway. Added a connect- and readTimeout by using a dedicated MessageSender as was done in the credentials solution. Both xml files (myesb-ws-outbound-gateway and -credentials are now combined to one) The attribute value of reply-timeout is used as the read-timeout and defaults to 60s. Also added the requires-reply attribute (default false) but no change in handling was detected.
  • #776 myesb-xpath-filter contains bean name without adapter.channel.componentid prefix. Therefore only one xpath filter culd be used in an adapter.
  • Exceptions don't show in correct adapter. Solved by logging exceptions from MyESBMessaggingExceptionRouterImpl to the correct Adapter bean. Adapter bean can be resolved by MyESBChannelResolver same way as exception channels are resolved in child contexts