Installing the ConnectAgent with the Windows Installer

Installing the ConnectAgent with the Windows Installer

Check the following, before running the installer.

  • If you do not want to use the pre-packaged Java JDK, have one installed and available.
  • Check if your PowerShell is available.
  • Have your license key ready.

When your connectplaza-agent-installer-windows.exe is fully downloaded, run the installer with the option Run as administrator (right mouse click option!). The welcome screen will be presented to you.

Select Next to go the next screen.

Select your installation folder. It is not recommended to install your ConnectAgent into the Program files folder, because of the following reasons.

  • The Program Files directory is protected with the Windows UAC. This prevents the software writing in this directory. ConnectPlaza Agents frequently writes and creates files into its own directory structure, so this will be an issue over time.
  • The length of the paths can become an issue within Java. So the smaller the path, the better. This is to prevent the software to crash because the OS cannot get the right path

Spaces in the pathname is strongly discouraged. If at all possible, leave the default path as is.

Select Next to continue.

Select the software to install. We advise to install Java also. If you do not install the java package, you must have Java JDK installed on your system before installing the ConnectAgent.

Read the license agreements and accept them. Select Next to continue.

In the Windows menu, shortcuts will be created within the menu name you enter in this screen. As this installer can install a second ConnectAgent with a different license key, you can define a different name here. If you do not change the name of the menu, the shortcuts will be created all in the same menu.

Select Next to continue.

If you are ready to install the software, select Install to perform the installation of the ConnectAgent.

The software is now installing, you can select Show Details to get more information about the installation.


Enter the license key in your configuration. Check the configuration by pressing the <TAB> key. The installer will check if the ports are free at the time of input. If not, you can changes these port numbers.

If you want to start the ConnectAgent Service with a different account than the default Local System Account, you can add the credentials at the appropriate fields (only applicable when installing the ConnectAgent as a service).

Select Next to continue.

Above you see a default configuration. Select Install as a service if you want to create a service for ConnectPlaza Agent. The service will start the ConnectAgent automatically when starting your server. Select Start Agent to start your agent after installation. This is the recommended configuration.

Select Next to continue.

The installation is now finished. Select Finish to end the installation process.

If you started the ConnectAgent as a service, you will see the following message appear:

It is recommended to reboot the machine, this will avoid issues with finding Powershell and other things.

Where is my license key

You can get your license key, by logging in into you ConnectPlaza account, and go to ConnectPlaza Deploy.

Select the ConnectAgent you need by a double click on the name.

Select via the download menu, the Windows Installer, in the opening window you will find your license key.


Installing a second ConnectAgent with the Windows Installer

Before installing the second ConnectAgent check the following:

  • If you do not want to use the pre-packaged Java JDK, have one installed and available.
  • Check if your PowerShell is available
  • Have your license key for the second installation ready.

Installing a second ConnectAgent with the installer is very easy. Just run the installer again.

At the configuration section of the installer, add the second license key and check if the ports are available for this agent.

Running the ConnectAgent as a Service

When you are running the ConnectAgent via the Windows Services the installation will install the service with a specific user, the Local System Account.

You can change this user for this service, but keep in mind that if ConnectPlaza needs to update this service, your settings will be reset to the default settings.

When this happens, you can may lead to problems with your used Windows Shares or other parts of your OS where you need the specific user rights to connect to these parts of your system. So keep this in mind when you change these settings that the user settings are correct for all installed interfaces on this Agent.

Installer parameters

Parameters are set by defining the parameter and the value except for the -v parameter. (eg license=1234-1234-1224-1234-1234)


This is the verbose parameter. It wil log debug messages from the installer to the commandline.


The mode parameter can be set to mode=unattended. The installer will now run unattended. The only extra mandatory parameter is the license parameter. All parameters set when not in unattended mode will be used as defaults in de installer pages. NOTE A QTIF installer still needs a graphics display even if its runs unattended. There seems to be no way to avoid that. NOTE Failing to supply valid parameters will bring the installer back into attended mode! NOTE In unattended mode there will be no halts on port checks. Port availability needs to be checked upfront.


The license parameter will set the license key for the agent. The key needs to be 24 karakters long. (eg license=1234-1234-1224-1234-1234)


The http-port parameter will set the default http port. If not set the port is 8088. (eg http-port=8087)


The https-port parameter will set the default https port. If not set the port is 8443. (eg https-port=8442)


The jmx-port parameter will set the default jmx port. If not set the port is 9876. (eg jmx-port=9867)


The installDir parameter will set the installation directory. The defined directory needs to be empty. If it doesn't exists it will be created. If not set the install directory will be for Windows C:\Program Files\connectplaza-agent and for Linux /opt/connectplaza-agent.


The jdk=yes paramter will install a java jdk. The default is no.


The service=yes parameter will install the agent as a service. The default is no.


The start=yes parameter will start the agent, either as a service or standalone depending on the service parameter. The default is no.