This is maintenance release 4.4.1 of ConnectPlaza(R) ConnectPlaza(R) Agent.

Customer Release Notes

SFTP key exchange attribute deprecated

The "SFTP Key Exchange" attribute in the FTP components has been deprecated.

This setting is now controlled via agent wide properties in the connectplaza-jvm-process.properties file.

Turnoff of key interfaces and flows in Control frontend disabled

It is no longer possible to accidentally turn off the rsocket interface or rsocket-flow, and the control interface or control-flow in the Control frontend.

ConcurrentModificationException could occur in Soap responses or HttpListener responses

Under certain circumstances, a ConcurrentModificationException could occur in a SOAP response or result in an empty HttpListener response.

All interfaces grayed in Control Frontend

Configuration of uninstalled interfaces in control could cause all interfaces to be grayed.

Analyze fixes

  • Fixed issue where Analyze messages and business entities could not be persisted to the database because the data already existed in the database.

  • Fixed issue where business entities were not persisted to the database due to the business entity rules not being initialized.

  • Fixed issue where the database cleanup job was not running.

Various fixes

  • Fixed issue where the nimbus-jose-jwt library was accidentally downgraded to an older version, causing issues with JWKS parsing.

  • Property connect.taskscheduler.poolsize could not be set anymore via config in Deploy.

  • Fixed issue where aggregator did not work correctly when using the Header Enricher V2 to manually set the sequenceNumber and sequenceSize headers.