ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 4.1.0

This is minor release 4.1.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the annual release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes :

New Features

  • Added support for SystemD under Linux
  • Improved REST listener support
  • Improved services for testing XPath, JsonPath and Regex directly from the Studio.
  • Support for Amazon Simple Queue Service
  • Support for OAuth2/JWT Authentication directly onto any outbound or inbound HTTP API call using Listeners or Gateways.
  • Support for disabling Strict Reply Parsing for FTP components
  • Support for enabling and disabling Cookie Management in any HTTP based outbound call.
  • Support for directly sending specified MessagePart as a SOAP Envelope for Webservice calls.
  • Added Wizard for interfaces in Constructor
  • Mass deployment overview has now a sort option

Solved issues

  • HTTP Outbound Gateway response type select by dropdown
  • MySQL8 database useSSL must be false.
  • Service components send exceptions through error handling
  • Better support for MySQL version specific Hibernate dialects. Can choose specific versions in deploy frontend.